Submit your event to a local church to promote it in their bulletin

Author sign booksYou’ve sent out press releases and calendar events to local newspapers to promote your upcoming event. But, one place you probably haven’t considered is a local church for inclusion in their church bulletin. Check websites of local churches to see if they have an email address and then send a short paragraph to the secretary and ask for it to be included in an upcoming edition. Remember that the church staff has to submit material for their bulletin a few weeks before. Also, some churches reduce the frequency of their bulletin during summer months.

For a recent book launch party, I sent an email to two churches to be included in their church bulletin. I know from my Book Draw Ballots, where they heard about this event, so I know which promotions worked best to attract guests.

The first paragraph of your email should ask the recipient to include a paragraph in an upcoming church bulletin.

The second paragraph should include all the information so they just have to copy and paste it into their bulletin. The most important information should be listed first and the least important last, in case they need to edit it to fit the space allocation. State the event title, date, time, location, and then a brief description of your book or event.

Be sure to include contact information, if they have any questions. Include your name, email address, and telephone number.

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