Benefits of Video in Email Marketing

Video is quickly becoming a popular trend in email marketing. With online programs like Animoto and Prezi, you can demonstrate a product or service and post it to your social media sites or embed the video to be used on a website or email newsletter.

There are several benefits to using video in email marketing. The Relevancy Group conducted a survey in Febraury 2013 and 66 of the respondents said they have used video in their email marketing.

55% said it increased the click-through rate of the email. Click-through rate (CTR) is a way of measuring online response to an online promotional campaign. How many people clicked on a link which took them to a landing page on their website?

But please, keep the length of the video short. I’ve seen some 11-minute videos that I didn’t have time to watch at that moment. 6 minutes is probably long enough. My video is 27 seconds. And don’t forget, some recipients are viewing their emails on a slower Internet connection or on a mobile device. Remember the KISS factor in your email videos: Keep it short and simple.

Here is a 27-second video created in Animoto showing the results of the survey and the benefits the respondents received by adding video to their email marketing:

Benefits of Video in Email Marketing.

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