4 ways digital artists use the Internet

“If you want a profitable desktop publishing or digital business, 

you have to stay abreast of changes in the industry.”

—Barbara Fanson, author
            Start & Run a Desktop Publishing Business

DTP bookMost desktop publishers or digital artists already have high-speed Internet for downloading software upgrades, printer drivers, and purchasing photos and stock artwork.

But, you can also use the Internet to promote your business: create a website,  write a blog, add a Facebook cover page, and email a newsletter or promotion to clients or prospective clients.

Thirdly, the Internet can be used to access information. If you want a definition, a correct spelling, or you want to learn how to do something, you can find it on the Internet.

And finally, there are financial opportunities for desktop publishers who can design Web pages for their clients,” writes Barbara Fanson.

Web pages, email newsletters and promotions, social media cover pages and posts, and blogging all require high-speed Internet services.

In weeks to come, we’ll add design ideas, marketing tips, and how to write compelling content for social media posts or email promotions.

Barbara Fanson is author of Start & Run a Desktop Publishing Business, published by Self-Counsel Press. You can order the book and CD for more promotional ideas and how to run your freelance business: www.self-counsel.com

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