Content ideas for print and email newsletters

Image of bookAs a writer, you want to make each newsletter interesting, both visually and by varying the writing styles of articles.
Test yourself. How many different writing styles and techniques have you used in the past year?”
asks Barbara Fanson, author of Producing a First-Class Newsletter.

Here are content ideas for your next e-newsletter or print newsletter:

  • Application articles or referrals: a customer expressing satisfaction about your product or service.
  • Profile: Profile an employee, supplier, management, or association executive member.
  • Interview: An important industry member or author to obtain their views on a particular subject.
  • Tips or Suggestions: Encourage readers to submit ideas on improvement in efficiency in their department or the organization.
  • Industry Pulse: News clippings or articles of various related activities.
  • Coming events: A listing of seminars, webinars, trade shows, or classes related to your industry.
  • Product/company trivia: How does your organization rank according to sales, number of personnel, etc.?
  • 10 years ago: look through your archives or previous issues for interesting trivia.
  • Letting off steam: Encourage readers to submit their gripes or grievances.
  • Opinions: Poll 4 or 5 members for their views on a specific topic.
  • Press releases: Subscribe to newsletters from other organizations, associations, and government offices.
  • Launch: a product, new service, or business
  • Post a photo: show your product in use or people making it
  • Post a video: of your product in use
  • Instruction sheet: how to use your product
  • Post a photo or article: show a new use for your product
  • Show and tell: how a client uses your product
  • Interview: a client
  • Infographics: of Industry stats

These require an app and more expertise:

  • Contest: Hold a contest to get entrants to be creative and engaged. See Facebook contests for inspiration:
  • Sweepstakes: Hold a sweepstakes and have people drop their entry in a virtual box and wait to see if their entry was drawn.
  • Host: a panel webinar
  • Throw: a Facebook online party
  • Host a live chat: on your Wall with an expert in your niche

This list is in no way complete. If you have any ideas to add to this content list, please let me know.

Barbara Fanson is author of Producing a First-Class Newsletter, published by Self-Counsel Press.

Fanson has published DigitalDigest since 1994 (print, and now electronic) to provide software instruction, marketing tips, how to get more email addresses or subscriptions, design ideas, and how to create compelling posts for social media that get noticed. Click here to subscribe to DigitalDigest.

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