How many friends do you have?

ImageA long time ago, someone told me that you should have at least 6 friends because there are 6 handles on a coffin.

Facebook disagrees. They believe you should have at least 30 friends.

Once an organization gets 30 fans, Facebook provides Insights into your Likes: what city and country they live in, how many friends your Fans have, when you posted and how many people you reached, gender and age of your Fans.

These Insights can be useful for planning your promotions and targeting your market. For example, 81.7% of Glanbrook Skating Club’s Fans are female, and most are 35 – 44 years of age.

If someone “likes” your personal Facebook page, they become a Friend. But if you like a business page, you become a Fan.

 Only the administrator of an organization’s Facebook page can see messages, who likes their page, and Insights.

So, how can an organization get more Fans? Like us on Facebook and we’ll explore some strategies and contests that other organizations are using to be “Liked.” 

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