How to ask questions or conduct polls on Facebook

As an Administrator for a Facebook page, you want to vary the content for your news feeds. You might post a photo, question, poll, note, quote, trivia, or just vary the writing style.

Questions are a good way of conveying information in a very concise way. If you add options to your questions, then you can collect valuable information about how or where Fans are using your product.

Asking questions on Facebook encourages people to interact with your post and demonstrates that you value their opinions. Ask questions that are related to what your Facebook Page is about, and you’ll get people talking about your Page.

If you’re a Facebook Page admin, you can ask, follow and answer questions as your Page. When a Page asks or answers a question, people who like the Page can see the results.

You can add options for people to vote on by making your questions a poll.

When people like or comment on your posts, their friends can see them connecting with your Page. It’s like word-of-mouth marketing: you can get important new likes and customers. Make sure to regularly post content that’s interesting to your audience so they’ll notice and engage with it.

How to ask a question or poll on Facebook:

  1. From the Admin Page, click on Offer, Event where you would post a status.
  2. The Offer/Event will expand to reveal 4 options: Offer, Event, Milestone, or Question.
  3. Type your question.
  4. Click on Add an option… and type the first possible answer to your question. Then, click on the next Add an option… and type the second possible answer.
  5. Allow anyone to add options at the bottom is selected by default. You can turn it off. It allows viewers to make up another answer. Click on the Post button when you’re finished.
  6. This is how a poll will look on the News Feed when you’ve posted it.
Facebook Question

How to ask a question on Facebook.

What is your favourite food on our menu? (Restaurant Page)

What are your plans for this weekend? (Lifestyle)

What is your favourite children’s book? (Children)

Where has your doll been? Upload a photo of your doll on a trip or at an attraction. (Product)

What activity does your child like best? Upload a photo of your child doing the activity or the tools needed. (Pre-school or childcare)

How are you using our Whatchamallit? Upload a photo of our product in use. (Product)

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